2018 Hainan International Coffee Congress and Beverage Expo

2018海 南 国 际 咖 啡 大 会 暨 咖 啡 及 饮 品 展 览 会

About Hainan ICoffeeExpo 

Themed with Every Fragrant Drop for A Fragrant World, Hainan International Coffee Congress and Beverage Expo attracted numerous well-known exhibitor companies worldwide, and international delegations from coffee-farming countries alongside the Belt and Road to pro- mote coffee trade and cultural exchange between China and the international community.

An approximately exhibiting area of 13,000㎡ is projected in 2018 and more than 300 exhibitor  companies are expected from home and abroad, and 5 professional championship contests  and over 10 launches and forums are also run during the fair. More international elements will  be introduced in to support international coffee brands’ entering China’s market, and  improve exchange of coffee industry further. Based on the previous success, the grand event  will continuously forge Hainan a circulation and distribution center facing all Maritime Silk  Road countries by focusing on constructing a novel industrial pattern in coffee circulation.

Coffee in China 

Now in China, coffee is becoming more and more popular in the wake of rapid development of economy and changes in lifestyle, even combining with fashion. It is estimated that 32% urban dwellers drink coffee in their daily life, among whom that young people, housewives and white collars are the fastest growing groups. Up to 6,000 tons of coffees is annually needed in just Hainan market.

China cannot yet compare to the Western countries in coffee consumption, while it is second to none on growth considering the annual rate at about 25%, which is far higher than 6% in global market. The per capita consumption of coffee is 4 cups every year in China, and reaches 20 cups in metropolis as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou etc. In comparison, the neighbor countries as Japan and South Korea are respectively 200 and 140, according to research from International Coffee Organization (ICO), which indicates a huge potential development in China.

With an increasing number of appreciative and serious amateurs thanks to penetration of coffee culture, personalized specialty coffee has been getting well received since instant coffee can hardly satisfy their needs any longer.


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